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Kent CRP and Grow 19

In 2019 Kent CRP worked with Five Acre Wood School to redevelop the front of Snodland Station. Following the success of this project and the community links between us, it made perfect sense to also form a partnership with Grow 19, particularly as some of the students from Five Acre Wood have now enrolled at Grow 19.

Grow 19 is a Further Education College for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. The college was set up by Five Acre Wood to support students between 19 and 25. All learners have an Education Health Care Plan.


In 2020, Grow 19 constructed planters on the platforms at Wateringbury station for our station adoption group, repeating this successful work at Cuxton station in 2021.

We have kept in touch and were delighted that their students could help prepare the site for our Community Mural at Maidstone Barracks in 2023.

A person applies white masonry paint to a brick wall previously painted red
A person applies white masonry paint to a brick wall previously painted red
A person applies white masonry paint to a brick wall previously painted red
Colourful mural panel featuring a dinosaur, bowling alley, hop farm, lizard, cannon, bridge, theatre curtains.
A colourful mural depicting flowers, the Trebor logo, the river Medway and town centre roads, a dinosaur and a bus.
A colourful mural featuring Mr Monopoly, An Octopus, drums, a swan, a gallows and diverse people

In September 2023, Grow 19 became station adopters at West Malling. Ten students and three of their tutors used their first station adoption day to plant bulbs and litter-pick.


The students worked diligently until the bank beside the platform was covered in bulbs. The technique used was naturalisation which means as nature would grow, therefore the bulbs were randomly planted as opposed to being planted in straight rows. Some students also participated with a litter pick of the whole area leaving the platform looking nice and tidy.

This planting and future planned work will support a City and Guilds unit of work for Level 1 practical horticulture skills which the students are studying – we can’t wait for spring to see the daffodils!

We are very grateful to Joanne Wells (Grow 19 Tutor) for organising the station adoption and to Matt Fraser (Southeastern Community Relations Mgr), Gary Watson (Station Manager) and Naomi (Communigrow) for supporting this valuable event.


“We learnt something new planting bulbs.” – Kyle student
“I found it good.” – Ryan student
“Successful job of planting bulbs on platform 2 with the others – thumbs up – I liked doing it.” – Elliot student
“It was fun, Alex and I like the clicky pens, it was good.” – Vincent student
“It was a good opportunity for the students to learn the new skill of planting bulbs. The technique used was naturalisation. This experience will support a unit of work for Level 1 practical horticulture skills – City and Guilds.” – Jo Wells Tutor