Keeping Your Cycle Secure At Our Stations

Kent Community Rail Partnership promote sustainable and healthy travel for your journey to and from the station.

Walking or cycling can improve health, reduce traffic congestion, and lower carbon emissions.


Choosing active modes of transportation helps to create a more sustainable and healthier community.


If you are considering cycling to the station and parking your bike there ready for your journey home, bike security is a serious concern. Here are a few pointers to help to keep your cycle safe and secure.

Tips For Locking Your Cycle


If you are using just one lock make sure it passes through the frame and front wheel, securing both to the stand. Front wheels are more vulnerable to theft than rear, especially quick release wheels.


Cable locks and light chains are easily cut. A good quality D-lock is recommended. Look for a “Sold Secure” rating when you buy your lock.


Two locks are better than one. At least one should be a good quality D-lock.


It is best to lock the bike low down, where it is harder to get at the lock and easier to fill the space in the shackle which also makes it harder to attack.



Registering Your Cycle

Registering your cycle with Immobolise or Bike Register increases the chances of being reunited with it if it is recovered after a theft.


Visible tags indicating your cycle has been registered can even be a detterent to theft.


If the worst should happen and your cycle is stolen from a station, report the theft to British Transport Police via their 61016 text messaging service. 

Use A Southeastern Secure Cycle Hub

Southeastern provides secure cycle parking within hubs with restricted access limited to registered users. Fully enclosed, well lit, with CCTV coverage and a guaranteed space for your cycle. 


You can find secure cycle hubs at Ashford International and Maidstone East on our Kent Downs Line and Strood, Paddock Wood and Tonbridge on our Medway Valley Line.


Using a secure cycle hub adds another layer of security to your own locks, it does not replace them. You can read more about secure cycle hubs on the Southeastern website.