Catch 22 College

On Wednesday 28th February we paid another visit to Catch 22 college in Maidstone. Supported by Matt Fraser, Community Relations Manager at Southeastern we presented anti-trespass messaging to thirty students.


We covered how to find the information you need to plan your journey before reaching the station and finding the right platforms and trains once you get there.


Central to the learning were You vs Train videos and quizzes, setting out the grizzly facts of the life-changing impacts that can result from trespassing. Real life stories delivered by young people, explaining how their poor choices had affected their lives, their families and the impacts incidents have on other people are extremely hard-hitting and resonated with their peers in our audience.


“I found the videos helpful but also a bit shocking. It made me more aware of how dangerous the trains are.” – Catch 22 Student.


Advice was given on obtaining help from Southeastern staff, station information points and British Transport Police, underlying the key point that train travel is safe when you use the railway properly.

We would like to thank staff and students at Catch 22 for their warm welcome and Southeastern for supporting us with our presentations.