Halling Station

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Halling Station
High Street

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About Halling

Halling is a mid sized village in a gap in the North Downs, along side the river. The village is a short walk from the station and is the station is the closest to the new Peter’s village development.

“Halling Man” a Neolithic skeleton discovered in 1912 behind the present railway station and you can also find the ruins of a  Bishops Palace and there are also a number of old World War II defences situated along the riverside. There is also evidence of the former ferry crossing behind the church to the other side of the Medway.

Walks Around Halling

This beautiful 6 mile walk takes you across part of the Kent North Downs and marshland to the village of Cuxton. To view the guide click on the image or link below.

Farming and Ferries

Halling Parish Council have also identified a few walks you may wish to explore.

You may also wish to explore the Halling Community Trail. This is a lovely walk which gives spectacular views of the River Medway. During spring the woodland is covered in bluebells.

Haling Community Trail

For more information about things to do around Halling, why not take a look at the Explore Kent website.