Work Experience

July 18, 2019

My Work Experience Placement: By Millie Yr 10 Student

On Monday, we went to Snodland Station and I helped to plant and water the community garden as part of the Five Acre Wood Project. Once we had completed the work at the station, we went to B&Q and measured and costed trellis for the garden, for budgeting purposes. I also helped to design an invitation for the community garden opening, which will take place in September.

On Tuesday, I attended a meeting at Maidstone Borough Council, with the chair of the planning committee and Chair of the Medway Valley line, where we discussed developer contribution opportunities along the Medway Valley Line, as well as looking at information gathered from a recent line audit along the 14 station along the Medway Valley Line. I helped to draft the station audit report where this information is displayed.

On Wednesday, I assisted in posting on the Kent CRP Facebook and Twitter pages, and I also helped write a blog about the Sunday Family Bike Ride, which was uploaded onto the website. Later, we researched events along the Swale line, and turned them into a poster to promote the use of trains when travelling to and from the events. I also researched the walking and cycling distance from the nearest station to these events to promote more sustainable travel.

On Thursday, we worked in the office at Maidstone West and I created another events poster, like the one for the SwaleRail Line, but this time to promote events along the Medway Valley Line. I also assisted in planning the July newsletter.

On Friday, I added QR codes to the event posters, with links to websites, so people can quickly find further information about events they may be interested in. I also added company logos to the Five Acre Wood community garden invitation, and to finish the week I wrote this blog for the Kent CRP website.

Thank you to Andy and Therese for looking after me this week, I’ve learnt a lot and had a lovely time!