Sometimes a project does not go quite according to plan. 


Unfortunately the deck on the model of the Kingsferry Bridge created by Sheppey College has not stood up to the weather. Southeastern had understandably expressed concerns about its appearance and since our Sheppey College station adopters were away for their holidays we reached out to our other volunteers for help. 

Rotten plywood boarding
Gary and Dominic in hi-vis jackets in front of the model of the Kingsferry bridge at Kemsley station

Last week volunteer Dominic Noades joined Gary Outram at Kemsley to break up the rotten deck, bag it up and take it away. Between the two of them it took about an hour to dismantle, make good and tidy up. We are grateful to the Southeastern team at Sittingbourne station for their help disposing of the waste materials.

The main bridge structure remains sound and we are hopeful that Sheppey College can devise a plan to replace the deck with something longer lasting.  We continue to look for station adopters who would be able to tend to planting at the station on a regular basis.