A colouful mural depicting a couple walking their dog in a park. There are flowes, insects, a person cycling in a dress and a person walking with an umbrella. The main scene also includes a train on a track, a bus and some litter. Messages read "Go by bus" "Help to look after our world and travel by train." and "Find a bin and put it in". The main image is bordered by a variety of children's drawings on a theme of sustainability.

In 2022 young learners at St Edward’s school deigned a mural for Sheerness station, around themes of sustainable lifestyles and travel choices.


Local artist Julie Bradshaw worked with them to create the banner, reflecting their wish to see a cleaner more sustainable future. 


“Young people are worried about changes to our climate and recognise that walking, wheeling and cycling for short journeys and choosing the bus and train for longer trips are much more sustainable choices than car travel. Kent Community Rail Partnership are grateful for the support of Sheerness Town Council to deliver this latest artwork and would like to thank Southeastern railway for allowing it to be displayed at the station. It looks great!” – Gary Outram, Kent CRP Project Officer.


“The children from the school council visited today and we took some great photos. It looks really good in the position in the station, so we were very impressed.” – Sara Wakefield, The Kent Catholic Schools Partnership.