On Sunday 18th December the Kent CRP elves joined Santa himself for a magical journey full of seasonal cheer along the Medway Valley Line.

Santa at the doors to a blue train at the station. Santa has one foot on board, the other on the platform and is ringing a golden bell to signal the train is ready to depart. The station latform is covered with snow.
Magi Paul in his festive waistcoat and santa hat. He is holding a fanned-out deck of cards and a magic wand

Santa was happy to let the train take the strain, pleased that his reindeer could put their hooves up and take a rest before the very busy night they have coming up soon. The Santa Express journeyed through a snowy landscape along the line, on board the elves handed out gifts to all the young passengers.


Magic Paul paid us a visit from Southeast CRP, entertaining the children and teaching them magic. The Grinch was also there to lend us a helping hand.

Dominic in his Christmas Jumper and Santa hat, Magic Paul in snazzy waistcoat and santa hat, Dave with his reindeer antlers and super-sized bow-tie.
Gary, Linda, The Grinch, Therese, Dave and Dominic in festive garb.

Children were given stickers to decorate the train windows and asked to make a festive star or hat from wrapping paper, Special guest appearances from Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, the Honey Monster and the Lion King made for a fun packed trip.

Santa and Elf Therese in the doorway of a train carriage.

Each goody bag contained a copy of “Arlo’s Adventures“, a rail safety learning book. Tickets for the Santa Express raised over £720 for the Railway Children Charity to help young people who are homeless.


We’re proud of everyone who joined Team Elf and helped to make the Southeastern Santa Express a success. Thank you to Santa, the elves, guests and passengers, you were awesome.