Sheppey College Project Presentation

July 12, 2019

On Wednesday June 24th, Kent CRP, and Joanne Donegan from Southeastern were delighted to attend the Sheppey College SwaleRail Project Presentation Day. The students gave two excellent presentations to showcase the work they have been doing since September.
The IT department created a website and promotional video. They also produced some artwork using their editing skills. A set of posters for each station were also created which will provide passengers of information about each station and what there is to do there.

Meanwhile the Business department wrote and carried out surveys of 147 passengers along the SwaleRail Line. They then analysed the data and presented their feedback.

The Construction department made nesting boxes and these can now be seen at Queenborough Station and frames in preparation for the posters. The Multi-skills team helped to plant up wellies with flowers and create some new beds.

Five awards were given out at the presentation. These were awarded for:Show Piece Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Team Work Award, Best Innovative Idea Award and the Creative Design Award, Well done to all the winners.

We look forward to seeing all their work displayed at our stations in September, along with some new ideas to be included in the new academic year.