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Welcome to the KCRP Schools pages.  Please do take a good look at these pages for information about what we can offer schools and community groups.  Our activities are wide ranging from rail safety talks, to school travel planning to looking after your local station. If you have an idea for a project or activity and its not here, please do let us know.


Smarter Journeys Programme

Smarter Travel Challenge

Transition to College

Cubs Personal Safety Activity Badge


Smarter Journeys Programme 

Now in its 4th year, the Kent Community Rail Partnership is proud to introduce ‘Smarter Journeys’, an inspiring and engaging schools programme which aims to enable and encourage young people to choose more journeys by walking, cycling and taking public transport.

The programme supports Year 5/6 pupils who are preparing for the transition to secondary school. It will provide them with skills so that they can continue to make active and sustainable travel journeys to secondary school.

Pupils take part in a number of activities over one year. Most activities take place before or after school or during assembly time, thereby reducing the impact on Year 6 curriculum time,

Some of the activities could include:

Free Train Ride & Station Visit

Visit to school by Dr Bike (local bike mechanic)

Cycle Training

Cycling and Walking National Competitions

Rail Safety Lessons

Street/Rail Station surveys

Travel planning

Each time a pupil takes part in an activity they gain points which add up towards their Superheroes badges & certificates at the end of the year.

See Smarter Journeys Information Leaflet

Case Study, Aylesford Smarter Journeys Programme

Smarter Travel Challenge 

The Schools Smarter Travel Challenge was initially developed for a primary teacher who wanted to include some journey planning for her Year 6 pupils.  She felt that her pupils were worried about the journey to their new school and wanted to help them prepare for their journey.  However, the demands of the Year 6 curriculum meant that this wasn’t possible and so journey travel planning workshops were planned during Transition/Induction Day whilst Year 6 pupils were at their chosen Secondary School. This was back in 2016 and now the Smarter Travel Challenge is offered to more secondary schools on their transition/induction days.

The challenge consists of up to 1 hour workshops using the school IT suite where pupils were challenged to plan their own journeys to school using the new journey planning website by Kent County Council called ‘’.  Pupils were also directed to other websites such as Traveline, Cycle Streets, Google maps, Southeastern and National Rail Enquiries as appropriate.

At the end of the workshop, pupils were given a Travel to School Guide. 

See Travel  to school guide

Case Study, Smarter Travel Challenge

 Feedback from the initial pilot revealed that pupils were really keen to travel in ways that were good for their health and the environment, however, their parents were not always so keen.  To address this barrier, the challenge now offers the following activities:

  • Travel information at the secondary school transition parents evening – to provide information to parents about travelling to school
  • Parents & pupils given a Travel to School Guide
  • Headteacher includes advice on travel in welcome speech at transition parents evening

Transition To College

The Transition to College programme is a group train travel training programme for students who experience learning disabilities in their final years of school to prepare them for train travel to college.

This programme has been developed with Bradfields Academy who wished to add train travel as part of their overall travel training in preparation for their students’ transition to college.

The programme includes:

  • A classroom workshop on why its important to travel by bike, walking and using public transport.
  • A short film (15min) called A Helping Hand – about getting help at a train station (developed by Cambrian CRP)
  • Travel planning workshop where pupils design their own train journey
  • Familiarisation game to play at a station to help pupils orientate themselves at a station
  • Assisted train journey that pupils have planned themselves
  • Unassisted train journey that pupils have planned themselves
  • Pupils take part in a National Cycling competition at school to improve cycling skills and fitness

Students from Bradfields Academy first unassisted train journey


Cub Scout Safety Activity Badge

The KCRP can offer help towards the Cub Scout Personal Safety Activity Badge.

The Cub Scout group could take a free journey on a train to Tonbridge station, where they will be met by station staff and the British Transport Police Community Liaison Officer.  The cubs will be given a short 30 min presentation by the BTP Officer explaining the dangers of playing on or near railways.  Then if time allows, can take part in a short tour of Tonbridge Station visiting the control room, ticket gate area and ticket office.  Then the Cub Scouts can take a return trip back on the train.

BTP Officer Tony Mart
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Safety messages and downloadable teaching resources

Travel training, personal safety and transport games