Sheppey College adopted the 5 stations from Sheerness-on-Sea to Sittingbourne 5 years ago. We held assemblies with twenty two students during the morning and nineteen students during the afternoon to introduce them to the Kent CRP project and discuss rail safety.  

Four people beneath a large totem sign for Sheppey College

The assemblies focused the students on what has been achieved at and around the stations over the last 5 years and they were asked to contribute ideas for what they would like their future activities to be. The students designed rail safety posters to strengthen their learning.

Rail safety artwotk in progress. Stay Off (On crossed out) Track with a hand drawn image of a person walking on a railway track in front of a train.
Colourful artwork with a rail safety theme
Rail safety themed artwork under development

The Rail Safety messages were delivered in partnership with Southeastern, Matt Fraser (Community Relations Manager), Kimone Lyle-English Youth Safety Coordinator and attended by Izzy White (Communications Business Partner) .