New station adopters for Queenborough

March 14, 2023

We’re delighted to announce that Queenborough in Bloom have agreed to come on board to care for the platform bench planters, welly garden and boat planters around the station.

The adopters met with Matt Fraser, Southeastern Community Relations Manager to complete an essential safety briefing and register their application, the first step forward. Once the formalities are complete, Queenborough in Bloom will apply for membership of Community Rail Network to unlock additional support and potential funding for their plans.


Lisa Gransden (Queenborough in Bloom), Linda Brinklow (Volunteer Chair, Swale Rail Line of Kent CRP), Paula Telford (Queenborough in Bloom), Matt Fraser (Southeastern) outside the entrance doors to Queenborough Station.

Queenborough in Bloom will be working collaboratively with Southeastern station staff and Sheppey College to brighten the station environment.

“It’s great to see Kent Community Rail Partnership bringing different elements of the community together to improve the station for everyone” – Linda Brinklow, Chair Swale Rail Line of Kent CRP.