Our Hollingbourne to Lenham Rail Ramble helped to launch this year’s Heart of Kent Walking Festival. Together we aim to bring more sustainable tourism to the area and extend the typical tourist season beyond the summer months. 

A group of walkers assembled outside Hollingbourne station

The Hollingbourne Station Community Hub volunteers had kindly opened their doors, allowing us a space to gather with the added bonus of being able to show off the refurbished community space. 

Therese leads the group along a puddle filled trail under blue skies.
Walkers pass a puddle on the trail. Skies are blue.

It was not long before we joined rural pathways taking us to the North Downs Way, an ancient trackway leading through the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There was much mud under foot but the skies above remained blue.


Walkers line up to take a selfie with Percy the Pilgrim, a carved wooden figure of a monk sat on a bench. The path is lined with daffodils
Therese and the lead group take a break as they wait for the tailenders.

The group spread out a little along the North Downs Way, regular stops where Therese shared her knowledge of local history allowed everyone a breather. There was a very brief shower as we approached Percy the Pilgrim where walkers queued for their obligatory selfies.

An information board detailing the North Downs Way. The board shows the 153 mile trail and nearby stations on the route. There is detailed information on the sections either side of Lenham and a map and description of a route connecting to Lenham station.
A group of walkers stands looking at a chalk cross carved into the green hillside.

We continued past a new “gateway” sign, showing the whole route of the trail and nearby rail stations. There was detailed information on the sections of the North Downs Way either side of Lenham and a wonderful map showing a walking link to Lenham station. 

We continued to the chalk cross before descending to Lenham for refeshments and our onward journeys. Everyone said they had enjoyed their walk and were asking when the next one would be – watch this space!