On 23rd February Gary Outram met with Theresa and Richard Emmett from Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne, to view the new local heritage information board installed in the waiting room at Sittingbourne railway station.

The history board arose from a community desire to enhance the waiting room. A joint venture between HRGS, the Kent Community Rail Partnership and Southeastern Trains has developed the history board to connect the town’s past to the present, aiming to inspire both locals and visitors to take a look around the town and to learn more about its history.

Richard Emmett (wearing red) and Gary Outram (wearing blue) smiling and shaking hands in fromt of the local history board in the waiting room.
Richard Emmett (wearing red), Theresa Emmett (wearing red) and Gary Outram (wearing blue) in front of the history board.
A board detailing aspects of the industrial and social history of Sittingbourne, including historic and contemporary photographs.

“The project could not have happened without the support of Southeastern and the HRGS. Everyone is delighted with the end result” – Gary Outram, Kent CRP. 

You can find out more about the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne here.