Film Club

December 8, 2020

Dear Kent Community Rail Members,

Following the success of our four Zoom book clubs during 2020 it’s time to branch out.

Much like Book Club our aim will be to find time in our busy schedules to watch a documentary or film, share our thoughts and views by weekly email and gather on-line via Zoom for a lively chat.

Our first watch will be “The Rainhill Story: Stephenson’s Rocket” (link to clip).

First transmitted in 1979, this programme looks at the Rainhill Locomotive Trials in Rainhill, Lancashire (now Merseyside) in 1829, a competition to find the best passenger steam locomotive in Britain. On the 150th anniversary of the trials, replicas of its famous winner – Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ – and two of its competitors are rebuilt by modern day designers, and the trials are reconstructed in Hyde Park.

If you’d like to join in watching and discussing this programme please let me know and I’ll add you to the weekly emails and send you the link for the Zoom film club meeting on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 3:00pm.  Contact

I’ll be promoting this Kent CRP activity on our Facebook and Twitter pages so if you’re not yet following us please do so that you can help promote our Partnership – many thanks.

Happy Viewing