Book Club

May 28, 2020

Dear Kent Community Rail Members,

We enjoyed our first Zoom book club meeting last Thursday after spending 6 weeks reading ‘The Mystery of the Blue Train’ by Agatha Christie.  During the 6 weeks of reading we shared in weekly catch up emails and everyone enjoyed the book, especially the throwbacks to days gone by of luxury travel (for some!) and said they’d read more Agatha Christies.  Due to the success of our first book members asked if we could run another and have decided on another rail related book, ‘On The Slow Train’ by Michael Williams:,204,203,200_.jpg

It’s an easy read, a travelogue rather than a story with each chapter reflecting on a different journey, the people and the places the train visits.  It will make you nostalgic and want to get out on the rails again (when we can), but will hopefully also help you think back to past happy journeys too.

If you’d like to join in reading this book with us please let me know and I’ll add you to the weekly emails and send you the link for the Zoom book club meeting 2-3pm Thurs 9 July.  Contact I’ll be promoting this Kent CRP activity on our Facebook and Twitter pages so if you’re not yet following us please do so that you can help promote our Partnership – many thanks. Happy Reading