Book Club

December 8, 2020

Dear Kent Community Rail Members,

We have enjoyed four Zoom book clubs during 2020 and are planning our first read for the new year.

We read the book over 6 weeks, sharing in weekly catch up emails and finish up with a lively on-line chat via Zoom.  

Our next read will be “The Railway Detective” by Edward Marston.

London 1851. With the opening of the Great Exhibition at hand, interest is mounting in the engineering triumphs of the railways, but not everyone feels like celebrating…

In an audacious attack, the London to Birmingham mail train is robbed and derailed, causing many casualties. Planned with military precision, this crime proves a challenge to Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck who fights to untangle a web of murder, blackmail and destruction. As Colbeck closes in on the criminal masterminds, events take an unexpected turn when the beautiful Madeleine, daughter of the injured train driver, becomes a pawn in the criminals’ game. With time running out, good and evil, new and old, battle against each other. But will the long arm of the law have speed on its side?

Full of historical detail, The Railway Detective is an action-packed dip into murky 1850s London.

‘A grand romp very much in the tradition of Holmes and Watson…packed with characters Dickens would have been proud of. Wonderful, well written.’ Time Out

The book has come recommended to us by a seasoned rail traveler currently undertaking a mission to visit every station in the UK, stopping at every one and never leaving by the same train he arrived on. If he ever writes his story I’ll add it to our reading list.

If you’d like to join in reading this book please let me know and I’ll add you to the weekly emails and send you the link for the Zoom book club meeting on Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 3:00pm.  Contact

I’ll be promoting this Kent CRP activity on our Facebook and Twitter pages so if you’re not yet following us please do so that you can help promote our Partnership – many thanks.

Happy Reading