Accredited Status

March 25, 2020

Kent CRP are delighted to share with you that our Partnership has been successful in achieving Accreditation status.

Representatives from ACoRP Network Rail, Kent CRP, Kent County Council and Southeastern met back in January to assess if Kent CRP met with the Department for Transport’s (DfT) standards. Yesterday it was announced that we had been successful.

Accreditation is the formal recognition by the DfT that a community rail partnership (CRP) operates to a high standard and that its objectives and activities are supported by Government.

Accreditation provides assurance to others, including potential funders and partners, that the CRP operates to high standards of governance and financial propriety; adopts a collaborative approach; is worthy of trust by others; and is a suitable entity for receiving public funds.  Also the Government considers us a good representative of the local community.

Thank you to everyone who supported the process and we look forward to continuing to manage the Partnership to the highest standards so that we remain accredited via the annual renewal process at the discretion of the DfT.