A brighter subway for Strood Station

September 16, 2021
A small crowd of smiling people stood in front of a colourful mural.

The idea of creating public art for the subway at Strood station first appeared in the Town Centre regeneration consultation of 2015.

Whilst not on our Action Plan, when Govia Thameslink Railway approached us to engage with the local community to develop a mural we were happy to grasp the opportunity.

Graham Upton, the artist, worked with the staff and students of Strood Academy to incorporate their ideas into the design.
We’ve provided a voice for the community in creating an artwork that promotes days out by rail.
Thank you to GTR for funding the project, Southeastern as station manager for their support, staff and students at Strood Academy, Graham Upton and many other partners and volunteers who have made this possible.
To find out more please read our press release.