Queenborough – Swale Rail Line


Queenborough dates back to Saxon times when it was known as Cyningburh, “King’s Borough”. It was renamed in the 14th century by King Edward III, after his queen.  During this period, Queenborough, was an important town for the export of wool, a significant crown revenue. Queenborough Harbour offers moorings between the Thames and Medway. It is possible to land at Queenborough on any tide and there are boat builders and chandlers in the marina. Admiral Lord Nelson, is reputed to have learned many of his seafaring skills in these waters, and also shared a house near the small harbour with his mistress, Lady Hamilton. Grab a moment at one of the pubs or sample a cooked breakfast or afternoon tea and cake at Castle Connections, a Community Art Centre and Café built on site of the old Queenborough Castle.

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