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Kent Community Rail Partnership Logo Competition

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Kent CRP are launching a new logo competition

First prize: £100 Amazon Voucher    Runner up prizes (2): £50 Amazon

This competition is open to anyone wishing to take part. Please only submit one entry per person.The winning design will be used as the new Kent CRP Logo.  It may be modified to combine ideas from other designs before being professionally produced to use on our website and publicity materials. 

Kent CRP will still be using the Medway Valley and SwaleRail Line logos as well to represent the different lines we serve.

Logo Brief

Be as creative as you wish but here is some additional information about the Kent Community Rail Partnership that you may find useful when designing your logo. You may also wish to explore our website,

  • Our existing logos are orange, white and blue as the main colours
  • We encourage people to use the train and run various events and projects to make station improvements
  • We are based in Kent, so how can this be represented?
  • We support the Community Rail Strategy 4 pillars. These are:
1. A voice for the community
2. Sustainable and healthy Travel
3. Bringing Communities together supporting diversity and inclusion
4. Supporting social and economic development

Submitting your entry

Entries can be:

  • Photos of your drawn design
  • A scanned image
  • A computer generated image
The closing date for the competition is 8th June 2020. Please send entries to:

Entries must:

  • Include your first name and email address
  • If you are under 18, please ask an adult to submit your design using their email address.
  • If you are at a school or collage, please submit your entries through your class teacher or tutor.
Winners will be notified by email.



If you are a school or collage you may wish to provide your students with a help guide and entry form to help them think about their logo design. You can download a pdf to share with them if you wish.


We look forward to you taking part in this competition and seeing your wonderful ideas. Good luck.