Five Acre Wood Project

Travel Training

October 16th 2018 - Travel Training and Station visit:

Kent CRP took a group of 15 students on the train from Snodland Station to Maidstone West. Students had a guided tour of the station and make announcements over the tannoy, visit the control centre and use the ticket machine. They also met with the British Transport Police, to understand what their role is and to become familiar with the 61016 BTP number.

Students then carried out a site survey at Snodland station to identify ways in which the area outside the station could be improved.

Festive Cheer For Commuters

November 29th 2018 - Tonbridge Station

Just before Christmas Five Acre Wood students from across the school (aged 11-18) travelled to our busiest station at Tonbridge and sang Christmas Carols to welcome our commuters home. They also had the opportunity to look around the Control Centre. For some students they had never travelled on a train before, so this was their first experience.

Snodland Station Improvements

Following the travel training in October, Five Acre Wood students had a few weeks to go back to school and come up with ideas to make improvements to the front of Snodland Station. The students cooked a Christmas dinner for Kent CRP and the station Manager of Southeastern and presented their ideas.The ideas from the students were then all combined and a plan developed.


The next step was to measure the area and calculate the materials needed for the project and the costs involved.

Construction Week

Work began on developing the area over a week in May. The students spent the first three days clearing the weeds and grass so construction could take place. By Friday the 17th May the planters were in place and the bark chipping spread.

The construction students joined in with the project and were tasked with creating 5 smaller planters. The next stage was to line and fill planters to help preserve them before filing the planters with 8 tonnes of top soil in preparation for planting.

Planting Up

The final part of this project for this academic year was to plant up the area. A group of students went shopping at the garden centre to choose suitable plants and herbs to grow, making sure they didn't go over their allocated budget. Finally, the area was planted up and the front of Snodland Station was transformed.

Thank You

This project has only been possible due to the passion and support of all those involved. Kent CRP would like to thank BJA Civil Consulting Ltd for their support and time in volunteering during the construction week and donation of some of the materials.

ACoRP and Snodland Partnership for providing additional funding for the project.

We would also like to thank the local community and of course Southeastern for allowing the project to go ahead.

Finally a huge thank you to all the students and Tutors from Five Acre Wood who have given up many hours to work on this project.